Patient Education and Resources

We understand that patients can sometimes feel overwhelmed when it comes to seeking medical care. Here are a few links to a wide range of online resources.
Please use the links provided to learn more about common orthopaedic conditions and treatment options available to you.

Helping you get ready for your appointment

Preparing for Your Appointment

Your appointment with our orthopaedic surgeon is important , and to make the most of your time it is best to be prepared.  This includes having the information your doctor will need from you as well as coming with the right clothing.

We look forward to meeting you.

Things to bring/know for Your Appointment

  • Health Care card
  • List of names and doses of Medications & Supplements you take
  • List of Specialists that you have seen
  • Name of your family physician
  • List of surgeries that you have had
  • Any braces or orthotics that you have used for your condition
  • A family member or friend to help with translating, if needed
  • Any imaging study that you may have in your possession (CD etc.)

What to wear

  • Please wear or bring a pair of shorts or loose fitting pair of pants if having a knee, foot or ankle assessment.
  • Wear a tank top and if you have long hair have it tied back if having a shoulder assessment.

Helping you get ready for surgery

General Post Operative Instructions

Patient Resources

Helping you prepare for your appointment and surgery

Physicians Refer a Patient

Referral forms for family doctors and specialists