Dr. Erik Calvert BSc. , MD., FRCS(C)

Dr. Erik Calvert is an orthopedic surgeon in Richmond whose specialty encompasses the treatment of Knee and Foot/Ankle problems. He has been in practice at the Richmond Hospital since 2008. Dr. Calvert treats patients with traumatic problems involving all extremities (fractures and dislocations). He enjoys being active, so his goal is to keep his patients involved in their favorite activities and mobile via a variety of treatment methods whether it be non-surgical or surgical.

The conditions Dr. Calvert routinely treats include acute and chronic conditions of the Knee and Foot/Ankle. Acute conditions are fractures, ligament injuries and dislocations. Chronic conditions are arthritis, deformity, and tendon problems. Dr. Calvert takes care of patients who’ve had fractures and soft tissue injuries referred from the Emergency Department or their Family Physician. He is a former Head of the Division of Orthopedics at the Richmond Hospital.

Dr. Calvert enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and spending time with his family in his free time.

Areas of Expertise

Knee arthroplasty, Knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction

Extremity Trauma- Acute and Delayed reconstruction.

Foot/Ankle deformity correction (i.e., painful flat feet), arthritis surgery, hallux valgus, joint replacement.


1997-2001 Medical School- UBC

2001-2005 Orthopedic Residency- UBC

2006-2007 UBC Foot/Ankle Fellowship- St. Paul’s Hospital

2007-2008 Hip/Knee/Trauma Fellowship- Melbourne (Aus)

University Affiliation

Clinical assistant professor University of British Columbia

Division of Distal Extremities, UBC Department of Orthopedics


Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

BC College of Physicians and Surgeons

Society Memberships

Canadian orthopedic association

BC Orthopedic association

Canadian Foot and Ankle Society


I saw Dr. Calvert for my foot. He is very knowledgeable and capable. I felt completely at ease after speaking with him, his assistant was very compassionate and kind.
Dr Calvert replaced my right knee, he did a fabulous job and I’m back to living my life again. A big thank you to Dr Calvert and his secretary Suneeta for their constant professionalism and compassion.
Dr. Calvert replaced both of my moms knees and did a phenomenal job. He’s professional and very attentive. One of the highest caliber physicians I have ever come across. Can’t thank him enough.

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